About us

The overall organizational purpose of The International Society of African Bioscientists and Biotechnologists is to counter brain drain by providing African Life Scientists in Diaspora a platform to champion Research and Development in the African Continent.

We provide a strong platform for overseas trained African Scientists who live and work abroad to collaborate with home-based scientists to enhance research and development in Africa. The world has become a global village and ISABB believes that with proper planning we can group together to invest in R&D in Africa. Although with headquarters in the United States, ISABB regional offices will be located in Africa and other countries of the world to the extent that ISABB will be accessible to all scientists everywhere. Brain drain has taken a toll on African economies, and now is the time to reverse its effect.

If any questions arise as you surf through our site, you may call us at 301-943-3803 or email us at info@isabbio.org.