Community Outreaches

ISABB Community Outreach (ISABBCO) is a component of ISABB’s nongovernmental initiative. We remain focused and committed to our nonprofit/non-partisan nature as we continue to reach out to various vulnerable communities in Africa and the global community addressing established Millennium Developmental Goals (MDG). The realization of MDG will be farfetched without addressing various preventable chronic health issues of persons with disabilities. Since the inception of ISABBCO, our projects have included the provision of community health education and free medical care to the poor.

Our passion is to promote the health of vulnerable families and communities in the rural areas of Africa. To improve the landscape of rural and primary health care through medical missions and health education of underserved communities. To create opportunities for students and graduates of African and non-African descent to use their talents to give back to the less privileged in Africa.

To generate data relevant for the enhancement of evidence-based health care in Africa. We collaborate with local host community groups; radio and television stations that mobilize local health providers by creating awareness and publicity. These host community groups also assist in sponsoring some of our projects by sending volunteers. ISABB has hosted or supported community outreaches in Uganda, Nigeria, and the Philippines. Communities in Jos, Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, and Owerri have benefited from our multiple past and ongoing outreach projects that include:

  • Free medication, medical and educational supplies
  • Free chronic disease screenings and diagnosis
  • Free Health Consultations and Medical care
  • Free Health education, mentoring, and counseling
  • Volunteer missionaries and Referral to Specialists
  • School and Campus evangelism


ISABB Community outreach team recognizes the unique power of using radio and television to disseminate health information. One of the hallmarks of our medical missions and community health outreaches is evidence-based health education. In 2018, our medical mission team used community radio to broadcast health education on various health topics through round table discussion. In our 2018 mission, the target audience was schools and university communities. Professor George Ude discussed facilitating effective undergraduate research in (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) disciplines. Dr. Krista Johnson and Assumpta Ude presented the educational radio discussion broadcast on Latent Tuberculosis and hypertension.


Dr. Assumpta Ude also embarked on multiple community health education targeting foreign-born immigrants, a population she is passionate about reaching through evidence-based health education. Assumpta utilizes effective health communication tools to discuss public health issues that affect the socio-cultural, emotional, and spiritual well-being of African-born immigrants in her community. In 2019, she participated in mental health awareness program in her church where she discussed dispelling misconceptions and myths about mental illness.

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