Biotechnology is a major focus of ISABB for several reasons.

  1. It is one of the cutting edge technologies of today, with realized and potential applications for addressing some of the critical needs of Africa, in the areas of food, nutrition, health, and the environment.
  2. The last major agricultural revolution, the Green Revolution, did not benefit Africa. ISABB is determined that this will not be the case this time around.
  3. There are many African professionals all over the world with expertise in biotechnology who can be mobilized and resourced to apply the technology in a focused way to address needs on the continent.

In pursuing this course of action, we are cognizant of the continuing global biotechnology debate. As professionals and natives of Africa, we feel obligated to objectively evaluate the technology, separate the facts from fiction, and depoliticize the debate so that we can assist decision-makers on the continent to make an informed judgment for the safe and beneficial use of biotechnology.

To this end, ISABB will pursue the education of decision-makers and the general public on the promises, risks, and judicious application of biotechnology. The society will promote the discovery, application, and dissemination of knowledge in the field for the benefit of Africa, by drawing attention to least-researched topics that are critical to the wellbeing of Africans, and widely publicizing research outcomes and information that address critical issues on the continent. We shall actively engage and collaborate with multinational corporations and other organizations with vested interest in advancing the technology for the benefit of Africa. Further, ISABB shall work to facilitate the transfer of appropriate biotechnologies to the continent. We shall pursue avenues for assisting in the building of biotechnology research capacity in Africa, through the formulation of partnerships and collaborative linkages between local research and educational institutions and similar entities overseas.

ISABB is committed to promoting scholarship and shall seek opportunities for the training of African scholars and practitioners in biotechnology, through assisting with college placement, faculty sabbatical experiences, and the organization of workshops on the continent for in-service training of nationals.