Environmental Sciences


The division of environmental sciences exists to encourage and promote research and development on various environmental issues as it pertains to the continent of Africa, and make recommendations and provide advice to appropriate governmental bodies on the application and implementation of research findings ultimately leading to the well-being of life.


For most countries in the Continent of Africa, natural resources both renewable and non-renewable are fundamental to the national economy and development, hence, the division of Environmental Sciences in ISABB will:

1. Encourage research and development to establish immediate and long-term goals to protect and restore the environment for the African people as well as the ecosystem by:

a) Analyzing and reviewing the current state of the environment in Africa, including but not limited to environmental monitoring programs, management plans, emergency response systems, and contingency plans;

b) Being a resource base for providing data related to all phases of the environment and analyzing such data for applications that are meaningful to the African continent

c) Generating and developing practicable environmental regulations, procedures, standards, and guidelines to promote sound environmental management

d) Organizing seminars, workshops, conferences, etc to alert the government, industry leaders, and academia about research findings and their implications

e) Publishing findings in ISABB Journal


2. Use appropriate media to bring about public awareness of environmental concerns and matters affecting the continent.

3. Encourage recognized and accredited members to serve in related environmental capacities within the government, industry or academia in various African countries as a part of fulfilling the mission to “counter brain drain in Africa”.