Human Health Science

The Division of Human health of ISABB seeks to create awareness and provide the platform for the discussion of public health issues that impact the economic and sociopolitical well being of the people of Africa. It seeks to promote research into the poorly investigated diseases and disease processes that affect millions of people in Africa. It also seeks to interface with international health agencies and organizations in formulating health policies with the greatest potentials to affect in positive ways the health policies of many African nations. It draws expertise from the African intelligentsia in the diaspora as well as collaborators of non-African origin who share our passion and mission to elevate the basic health needs of the peoples of Africa. In doing so, we recognize the abundance of expertise in the areas of Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Dentistry, Public health and other allied health professions which can be harnessed in positioning Africa’s health need in its right place in the global health map. We also recognize the most valuable contributions which expertise in law, social sciences, humanities, and government can bring to the table when issues of Africa’s health needs are being promoted. We shall integrate these inputs in our efforts to optimize our resource base in this quest. The modalities for achieving our goals will include but not limited to the following:

  1. We shall generate and motivate discussions on Africa’s peculiar health needs in international for a and platforms.
  2. We shall develop and maintain a database of Africa’s peculiar health needs and studies that are relevant to the alleviation of these needs.
  3. We shall develop and maintain a database of a network of researchers working on any aspects of the identified health needs.
  4. We shall organize on a periodic basis, conferences, colloquia, and workshops that address particular health needs of Africa and disseminate information emanating from such conferences to the relevant government and international agencies that may provide the necessary actions to alleviate such needs.
  5. We shall publish on a periodic basis, an ISABB health journal which will provide the opportunity for researchers working on different aspects of Africa’s health needs to disseminate their research findings. This will also provide authentic scientific information for policymakers interested in promoting good health for Africa.
  6. We shall develop mechanisms for encouraging African governments to formulate health policies that will have the most positive impacts on the lives of their people.

We invite all that are interested and/or involved in promoting good health for Africa to join us in this noble quest.